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image: Section of previous art installation
Section of previous art installation

Seriously Wonderful News! I was recently contacted about an amazing opportunity to create an art installation in Philadelphia.  Designer and director Bela Shehu asked if I would create an art installation for the event “Private School 201” at 915 Spring Garden Street, set to open this Winter. 

This is a huge opportunity to create a really sizable art installation. Something I’ve been craving for quite a while. Not only would this be a tremendous opportunity to execute a new piece pushing my skills but also help pave the way for my future as an artist and stabilize my future.

image: Detail of life cast sculpture for previous installations
Detail of life cast sculpture for previous installations
But I need your help!  This will be one of the largest art installations of my career and will take resources, materials, assistants and time. This massive installation project will require tremendous focus for the upcoming “Private School 201” event which will be on display for 2-3 months this Winter.
The art installation will be quite large (approximately 12’ x 10’ x 24’). This install will take over a large space covering multiple walls and large portion of ceiling. Viewers will be transformed into an internal bodily environment with a life-size casted figure that will be behind an intricately hand-sewn textile screen that will symbolize a language of energy and experiences coming forth from the lifecast.  


This installation will represent how we connect with ourselves by delving into our psyche, finding a version of our beings with the ability to see our energy and experiences that emanate out from intermixing with the world around us. 

image: Section of previous art installation
Section of previous art installation

See below for the list of items needed and how you can help!​

image: Quick sketch of art installation
Quick sketch of art installation
image: Section of install space
Section of install space
image: Section of install space
Section of install space
Supplies needed in order to complete this installation:
Yellow tracing paper rolls:
50 yards
5 x  $26.75=$133.75
White tracing paper rolls:
50 yards
5 x $37.08 = $185.40
Non-metallic - = $50
Metallic - $200
Packing tape:
Plastic wrap:
Sheer Nylon and pliable fabrics:  
Approx.  $250
Total: $969.15

Goal amount: $2,500

This goal amount of $2,500 also includes transportation costs, food costs, and money to help with living expenses to allow for much needed time to execute the project. 


Without help, I cannot make this dream come to life. You can donate online by clicking the paypal donation button below. You can also donate materials by contacting me directly.


 All money raised will help with buying the necessary materials that will be used to create the installation as well as meeting other financial demands that will be required for this project.

    Paypal Donation Button

Thank you truly for your generous  donation and helping to bring this opportunity to fruition. 

Yours Truly,

Jes Gamble

(Feel free to contact regarding inquiries.: email:



Private School creates a realm where makers share their creations, and enthusiasts can explore. They produce events for the people of Philadelphia to meet, laugh, dance, indulge, and evolve. The installation will create a meditative environment for people to escape and connect
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