Sustainable pricing

Written by Riley on November 13, 2013
It sucks when something you love online goes away.

There's two core principles to Simplpost:
1. Making awesome and easy to edit websites accessible to everyone
2. Keeping those sites and content online forever

Both principles are easier said than done. I have written about the first principle in the past, and I think that's the obvious purpose of Simplpost. The second principle may not be so obvious, and leads us to a few other concepts that should be understood about Simplpost.

TLDR: Sustainable pricing = keeping what you love online forever.

We believe that the key to keeping this service running forever is to always charge a fair price that will keep Simplpost in business. The goal of many startups is to get as many free users as possible and sell out to a big company before the whole business implodes from the overhead costs. Even if this tactic succeeds the users often lose out anyway.

Sustainable pricing is our way to keep your site's content online forever. It's no good for anyone if we are losing money by having more people using this service. There will always be a free trial for Simplpost to make sure it's right for you, but paid subscriptions are our business model. We strive to keep our costs down so we can give users a very competitive price on this top notch service. Paying for Simplpost gives you the piece of mind that we will be around for many years to come, and we will never sell you out.

And you should know that there's a couple other factors that keep your Simplpost site up and running reliably without worry. The first is that we take security very seriously. We work hard to make sure your site is safe and your information is secure. All passwords are salted, hashed and encrypted with bcrypt (as secure as it gets). And the second is backups. All Simplpost sites are backed up continuously in multiple locations. So if anything happens they can be easily restored. These factors combined with sustainable pricing are how we can make sure your site stays online forever.

With a free service you are the product. And their goal is sell you out somehow, or they will close down.

Here Simplpost is the product. And you are the customer. Our goal is to make you happy by being a sustainable business.