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Ever since I can remember I have been captivated by the creation of objects.  Most common objects are fabricated using hundreds of processes that are a mystery to the average user.  The root of my desire is to expand my knowledge about fabrication and design.   Understanding how to grow an idea from my imagination into a designed and fabricated product inspires me.  My imagination is filled by authors such as Seth Godin and Elizabeth Gilbert telling the world that it’s ok to be creative and to triumph over the lizard brain; by artistic scientists such as Neri Oxman who push the boundaries of 3D printing, design, and biology; by my friends, coworkers, and family who encourage me to produce my artwork; and by the scenes provided by the world around me. I am an aerospace design engineer by day; jeweler, crafter, flautist, and writer by night.  


In the past few years, my most preferable hobby has become jewelry design with a focus in wire wrapping.  What I love the most about wire wrapping is the flexibility of the metal wire to create geometrical representations (mini sculptures) of interpretations of everyday life.  Carefully carved and raw stone input color into my work as well as emotional and guiding energy from Mother Earth.  “Arched Railways” for example is an upside-down copper image of my thinking place, a bridge and water scene of the Schuylkill River.   The stone is turritella fossil, consisting of spiraled tower freshwater snail shells found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming.   “The Flames of Us” represents the frustrations of not only being a woman in a predominantly male field, but also the beauty of unique minds working together to formulate a single solution.  The carnelian stones are meant to calm disturbing emotions, while the orange jasper is meant to provide grounding and strength.

I have begun to teach the jewelry skills I have acquired to spread the love of creativity to others.  I feel that it is important to encourage others to create in our society today.  The more local handmade items are produced, the better it is for everyone! I enjoy sharing how to make my herringbone earrings as well as simple beaded earrings.  


As you look over my creations, keep in mind that I am able to duplicate any and all of the wire work! If you see a piece you really like, I may be able to recreate it with slight bead modifications and/or order the exact bead!  You can contact me via email or instagram @livetodreamliz