Organic Beeswax Tea lights

By Northern Light
As the name suggest, these candles are 100% beeswax which is a feature I love. Beeswax is totally non toxic, which is great if you have children or pets. Northern Light gets their beeswax from North South Wales, which provides support for their local bees. Northern Light claims that beeswax candles purify the air by removing negative ions which should be an extra bonus for anyone that has asthma or allergies. I have summer allergies and I feel better when my tea lights are burning.

When you order them, you can them get them as in numerous quantities. I usually order the 25 sack. They come with 25 tea lights with 2 reusable aluminum tins which come in a nice drawstring sack. I reuse the sack to store tins I am not using (since I have so many). To use them you have to pop them into one of the tins, or both if you like. I almost always light two at a time.

The natural scent has a very light hint of honey. When it burns you do not get overwhelmed with a strong scent but will maintain the light honey scent when you get close.

Speaking of the burn, this candle burns so cleanly; all that is left is the metal post that holds the wick. Just pop it out of the tin (recycle it) then pop in another, so simple, and no mess. They are rated to burn for 7-8 hours, which holds true for the most part. The brightness is exceptionally high for tea light candles; they are like their own little suns!

These tea lights get 4 flames out of 5 from the Candle Muse.