Pumpkin Candle

By Linnea Lights
Did you ever just smell a candle close by that is not even lit but has a intriguing scent that has you thinking about memories & the holidays/seasons. Well Linnea lights Pumpkin candle does that. I could just lye on my bed & smell the sweet aroma of a freshly made pumpkin pie scented candle. This candle is a soy which I love & has 2 lead free wicks to burn evenly for 60 hours. It lives up to its smell & looks simply elegant. Also when you are finished enjoying your candle you can reuse the glass holder for a drinking glass etc it has endless possibilities.

So get out there & pick up your Linnea Lights Pumpkin candle before the pumpkin heads

I give this Pumpkin 4 flames out of 5.