Simplpost site 1500% faster than Wordpress

Written by Riley on August 2, 2013
Today was the first chance I had to do a real world performance comparison of the same website in Simplpost vs. Wordpress. I was in the process of moving one of my old Wordpress sites over to Simplpost. It was a pretty easy transition, and at the end of the process I had both versions of the site online at once. So it was easy to do a side-by-side comparison the load times.

Thanks to the nifty Pingdom site testing tool it was easy to test each site's performance. And what were the results?
image: Wordpress version of site on standard shared hosting
Wordpress version of site on standard shared hosting
The Wordpress site results were pretty typical. It took a few seconds for the page to load.
image: Simplpost version of site hosted on Amazon Cloudfront
Simplpost version of site hosted on Amazon Cloudfront
The load time for the Simplpost version was a blazingly fast 305ms. That's milliseconds! Compare that to the Wordpress version load time of 5.37 seconds. That's more than a 1500% improvement.

The Simplpost version of the site is now in the top 1% of fastest websites. And all I did was post the content and hit a button to deploy to Amazon Cloudfront. No dealing with plugins, settings or other fiddly bits.

The content of each version is exactly the same. The Simplpost version just has a slightly different design that's fully responsive. The responsive design combined with the fast load time makes the site much more pleasant to browse on any device now.

Go ahead and make your own Simplpost site to test it out for yourself. You need to use the Amazon Cloudfront option to get the best performance, but Simplpost sites should load much faster than a Wordpress version running on the equivalent hosting. You can't run a Wordpress site fully in Amazon Cloudfront, so Simplpost has a real advantage there. Simplpost was built from the ground up with performance in mind.

Now I'm in the process of moving all my Wordpress sites over to Simplpost. For now I have to do it manually, but it's worth the effort for the speed and ease of use provided by Simplpost. An automated Wordpress site importer is in the works though, and that will make it even easier. Stay tuned for more details on that.

PS - I love Wordpress, but the performance can suck if you actually have people visiting your site. I have a couple Wordpress sites that get over 100,000 unique visitors a month. And it's been real expensive pain in the ass to keep them running decently. With Simplpost I never have to worry about it again.