Grow your traffic: How to Get the Best SEO

Written by Riley on February 5, 2014
Google has been fighting an ongoing war against SEO companies and web spammers.  Every few months Google updates their algorithm and countless websites disappear from search results.  These updates have fun names like Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda.  And they can put your website out of business if you violate any of Google's terms of service.
As a result of these updates by Google the vast majority of information online about SEO is terribly outdated.  At best most of it will be a huge waste of time, and at worst it will get your site blacklisted and ruin any future chance for organic growth. Many "experts" recommend customizing Meta Tags to increase SEO. Google has officially announced that Meta Tag keywords play no role in search ranking.  Paying for links is a great way to boost your ranking until Google blacklists your site for it.  And even Guest blogging is coming under fire, so that can cause you harm as well.
So what can you do to get the best SEO?   

The best thing you can do to boost your SEO and get more traffic to your site is easy. Simply post content. Adding original content to your website on a regular basis is the best way to generate more traffic from Google and Bing.  Search engines want to send people to quality content that's fresh and easy to access on any device.  Another name for this strategy is content marketing.  It takes a little bit of work, but it can pay off in huge dividends. All of the time you invest in adding content to your site will start to pay off immediately and you get to reap the rewards forever. Other types of marketing are often a huge waste of time and money, but this is definitely a winning strategy. 
image: Content marketing caused all of these numbers
Content marketing caused all of these numbers
By regularly posting original content on your site you are building up a wealth of information that will bring in more and more traffic. Share news and teach people about what you do. There's no end to what kind of content you can post. Images are great to add some eye candy. And you don't just have to post stuff to a blog. Post it anywhere on your site and be creative with it.

And if you need help with what to add to your site or could use some feedback, then come by one of our free workshops to learn more.  The goal of Simplpost is to encourage everyone to grow their audience and build up their business.